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"So, someone attacks you, and you very slllooooowwwlllyy karate-chop them."


"I've never heard of this Tae Kwan Do." Priceless.

And...thanks for visiting my blog:) I was like "who is OH YEAH!!!" Good times.


Ah, but you did have to edit for typos. ;-)

And if you want to observe some great slo-mo Tai Chi, spend Gary's inheritance money on a trip to Boston. A stroll through Boston Common on a Sunday morning should net you 5-10 spottings of Tai Chi in "action" if you can call it that.


Goddammit I'm in love with your pinkie bet conversations with Gary.

Also, I had never known what Tai Kwon Do was either...

until I graduated from ELEMENTARTY SCHOOL.

Silly Gary.


Autumn - I'd link to you, but I feel I need to ask permission. You might not want people you work with discovering you start quite a few posts with "I should be typing up church minutes right now."

Caroline - thanks for QA'ing my blog. And what is with you and Boston? This is the second Boston reference in a row.

Melati - Ha! And a second Ha! for "Elementarty." Did you catch that Caroline?


Balance, ah, yes! I've heard of it. I go to Pilates and I should be going to Tai Chi, too. Some of my Pilates moves would be greatly enhanced if I could keep from wobbling around! Rock on, Queen!


You can link to me...how fun!!! The powers that be don't read my blog but even if they did they already know I should be typing church minutes...HA:)


Judibleu - I wonder if the Pilates/Yoga masters who have the superior balance can stay on their feet for ten seconds with their eyes closed. It's really hard.

Autum - done!

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