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Every week. That's when the bath towels get washed. And there's a fresh dish towel every day. Yes, every day. I petsat for a woman who had never washed her dish towels. It was disgusting.


The Great Towel Analysis:

Person 1 takes a shower, rubs soap all over herself using only (or mostly only) her hands, rinses, and then rubs dry with a towel. P1 has merely softened the dead skin and old oil in the shower, and has scrubbed it off onto the towel after getting out.

Person 2 takes a shower, scrubs all over with a soapy washcloth, rinses, then dries with a towel. P2 has removed all the icky stuff with the washcloth and rinsed it all off before getting out, and is therefore clean when she uses the towel.

Therefore, P1 should replace the towel after every use, but P2 can reuse the towel.

Now, that washcloth, that's another problem.

crunchy carpets

It is usually once a week here, but the kids towels get trashed and used to mop up all the water.

Tea towels get washed a lot as the kids use them to wash the kitchen floor.


I have to admit I read this as "How Often Do You Move Your Bowels?"

I was prepared to answer.


For whatever reason, my husband's and my towels get reused for a week, but my 2 year old's towels get used only once. Maybe because we hang ours up and she takes hers to bed half the time.

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